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Business trips

Business trips

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service offers the club members our help to organize a good business trip in Sochi.

We will help you to save your sources while holding a business-event. We did a far and deep investigation of this service market in Sochi and can find optimal solutions very quickly. 

We offer our help in organizing business-tours and team-building in Sochi and in the Red Glade both for you and your staff.  The set of services can include all the options, necessary for you.

The SOCHI CLUB will offer the room-booking in Sochi hotels for the highest management and the ordinary workers of the companies, catering or eating in restaurants, transfer services and transport services of any level. We know the peculiarities of all the conference-halls in Sochi and will find the one, most suitable for you. 

We will organize an access to the business hall of Sochi airport and will offer a wide range of private areas for negotiations and meetings for our VIP guests.  We will find and recommend proven translators, lawyers, notaries, bank consultants. The specialists of The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will carry out all the one-time orders very efficiently and professionally, working out all the non-standard inquiries.

We will minimalize all the risks of the business event preparations, which are inescapable while working in a foreign town or a city. The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will become your trustworthy partner in business tourism in Sochi.

We work with the representatives of the top-management, comprehend the required level of the organization and the holding of business events and offer high-level services.

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