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Gastronomic tour

Gastronomic tour

If you are not indifferent to the culinary art, The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will provide with an expert consultation over gastronomic tours.

Gastronomic tours are an ideal choice for gourmets and organic food lovers. Our concierges will prepare detailed information about gastronomic tours in Sochi and will book the tour you choose.

The club concierges know everything about the gastrotourism in the far country-places of Sochi and can recommend exclusive routes.

There are several new farms with marvelous and natural eco food in Sochi.  The local farms and the cheese dairies are situated in ecologically clean places, what serves as the warranty of 100 % ecologically clean food. Natural food and wine, wonderful sites of the sea and the mountains will not let you stay indifferent.

The wine tours include excursions and wine tastings in the private wineries. We will offer a wide choice of excursions and tours in The Black Sea Region vineyards, including «Abrau Durso», a place without which one cannot imagine winery in Russia. Those who like wine tourism can travel by sea in yacht, by air in helicopter or by car on an individual route.  Our concierges are willing to organize it the way you prefer.

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service specialists will also recommend private apiaries where one should taste wonderful honey, and will organize the visit of tea plantations of Sochi for tastings and various master-classes.

The trips will be interesting and delicious: the tastings are accompanied by unique excursions and lessons about gastronomic traditions. Discover the gastro-tourism in Sochi and wine tours Of South Russia for yourself, and you will surely like our cheese, wine, tea and apiary goods of this region.

Let our concierges plan your individual gastronomic tours and you will learn the real taste of life in Sochi!

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