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Inividual excursions

Inividual excursions

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will help the club members to organize individual excursions in Sochi.

We made a detailed study of the tourism sphere in Sochi and are ready to recommend popular tours or to offer exclusive individual tours here. The excursions will be held with a personal guide for you by the route, that will be worked out in consideration with your wishes. For example, travelling may consist of car tour, visiting the observation platform in The Red Glade and an excursion with wine tasting.

Sochi offers a vast range of opportunities for tourism and excursions. If you are interested in history and architecture, nature and religious shrines, you will find plenty interesting things for you here. In the resort suburbs one can find a lot of ancient things: mysterious Dolmens, there are many legends telling about their healing power, the station of Neanderthal in Akhshtir  cave and many other interesting things, the oldest fortresses and temples in Hosta and The Red Glade.

You can visit noble nests and parks, that gave the start to the origin of this resort: the first private villa «Vera» in Dendraria Park, named after the wife of the park owner, and many other sights.

The concierge will plan an individual tour with your personal guide to The Red Glade by your request. The sky, the mountains, the freshest air. You can enjoy picturesque sites from different observation platforms on the height of over 1000 meters from the sea level. 

In case you like architecture, we will organize an individual excursion to Soviet Sochi especially for you. Gorgeous buildings of Stalin epoch created the resort character. By the decision of the father of the nations, Sochi would have to become a Riviera for common workers. You will visit the most effective constructions in the rhythm, very suitable for you. Our club concierges will organize guide transfer and services.

The concierge will plan excursions to Olympic Park of Sochi. It is an ideal place for a family rest, cycling and walking. Just rely on the experience of our concierges, and you will manage to see all the most interesting and for sure, will not miss the singing fountains show!

The exciting sights in Sochi are created by mother nature: the mountains and the caves, the canyons and the valleys, the waterflows and the lakes with the cleanest water, the subtropical forests.

The club concierge will plan an individual trip to the most picturesque places with thrilling exotic nature of Russian subtropics, in case you wish to see all these. 

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service realizes any direction of the local tourism. One of the most actual directions today is the trip to places of power, where one can enjoy just watching or practicing, renovating and getting rid of negative energy. 

Those club members who prefer extreme, will be offered a tour to Sochi extreme-park, an exciting travel to hard-to-reach places on ATVs, paragliding or rafting. We can offer the whole spectrum of adventures. 

You can get information about the whole picture of the excursion from our concierges. The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service specialists will come up with a good rest program in the minutest details. We know how to organize individual excursions in Sochi, that will meet all your expectations!

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