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The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will organize the transfer of the club card holders.

Let us care about your comfort as we know what is a premium-level service.  The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service collaborates with the leading transport companies of the town and knows whom to trust the journey of the most demanding clients of our club.

Do you need a transfer to Sochi airport?  We will organize the delivery of cars of a representative class, business - class or a  comfortable mini-buss, in case you fly with a large group or have a big luggage. 

If you need a transfer to Sochi, the driver will meet you in the airport, in the railway station or in the appointed address with a poster in his hands. You will be offered help to carry the luggage, to get a baby car-seat, and fasteners for ski accommodations. If the flight is delayed, the driver will wait for you.  

We are also ready to organize your transfer from Sochi Airport to different directions: Abkhazia, Adler, The Red Glade.

We know everything about the traditions of a good service and  really work out everything in the minutest details. You will feel comfortable in the car, as we will prepare cool water in hot weather, an umbrella for a rainy day. Our driver will open and hold the umbrella over your heads so as you can reach the car, not being afraid of getting wet.

Call us and we will give you the complete information about the prices and available cars and will organize your journey. The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service is always happy to recommend you the best transfer services in Sochi!

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