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The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service can offer a wide spectrum of various services for children.  Our concierges have full information about the town possibilities for your children education, development and entertainments in Sochi. We have close contacts in all the spheres and in the vast knowledge sphere as well. Thanks to this, the club card holders get a quick access to the leading specialists` services.

Trust our club concierges the important mission of choosing the school in Sochi and we will act only in your child`s interests and peculiarities. We will supply you with complete information about the schools that go with your inquiries.  In case you choose one of them, we will give you the list of the necessary documents for entering the school. We know where to find baby-sitters, governesses, tutors or teachers with irreproachable reputation.

We will help to develop your children`s splendid talents, providing you with consultation about the possible additional educational in Sochi. If your child wants to play hockey, great tennis, go figure skating, sing or play musical instruments, we are willing to help him in such nice decisions and will find the proper school, teacher or a studio, where they can develop the way they want.

We will recommend our club members culinary master-classes on weekends, various art clubs. Your child can learn the art of molding and how to draw on the glass with sand.

Entrust our concierge-service workers with the planning of your children rest in Sochi. We will organize your visits to attraction parks for children of different ages, aquaparks, where one can have a splendid family rest, the adults will appreciate the sand beaches of the covered aquapark, while their children can ride on water slides to their heart`s content. We will organize your visits to dolphinariums, oceanariums and aquariums, water shows and will give you the whole list of Sochi sights. Here your children can see some animals, and learn more about them. We will offer you tickets for performances in Winter Theatre, puppet shows and many other events for children.  

If you are planning a family supper in one of Sochi restaurants, we will prepare the list of restaurants with menus, spaces and other services for your children. We have a number of offers for your active rest: climbing walls, trampoline centers, motor schools, carting and many other things.

The concierges of our club will plan your shopping in boutiques for children, will prepare a list of medical services for children and will make an appointment with doctor, in case you need it.

We will help you to keep the life level you got used to in the most progressive cities in the world. That is not a trouble for us our best professionals will care about any your preferences!

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