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For the SOCHI CLUB card holders our concierge -service has the best design solutions of the   leading companies for your cottages, apartments and offices in Sochi.  You do not have to spend your precious time on searching for designers, we will cope perfectly with thisk task, due to our deep investigation of the service market in Sochi.

The SOCHI CLUB adheres unchangeably to high standards in work. The club concierges will provide you with detailed information about the specialists in the sphere of interior design in Sochi. And they will surely create an exclusive space as a direct reflection of your character and your position.

We will entrust your design project to the leading specialists of the town, with portfolios, rich with gorgeous projects and irreproachable comments of the clients. The SOCHI CLUB also chooses your designers out of the professionals with high name in Russia.

We are ready to invite our experts of international level, if we need their help in realizing hard and exclusive projects.  

If you want to grow a lush garden around the villa, the club concierge will recommend specialists of landscape design who will create their own décor of premium-class. 

The club members will get expert recommendations of our concierges in choosing the furniture malls both of famous European and Russian producers. The club card holders possess special conditions and privileges, given by our partners.

The SOCHI CLUB is the only company in Sochi that provides the full complex of services of European level.  We will become your reliable assistants and will help to keep the process of interior making very comfortable and advantageous, as we choose specialists, acting solely in your interests. Besides, the club card holders can use discounts of the companies that offer interior design services.

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