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Home personnel

Home personnel

One of the directions that our concierge service works is the choice and recommendations of good home personnel in Sochi. We know how to find a good baby-sitter, a cooker or a driver.  The concierge-service will handle these matters and will offer companies, specialized in the services, mentioned above. We collaborate only with the leading agencies and offer the services of only trustworthy specialists.

With SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service your domestic personnel choice will become quick and comfortable. We will help to hire professionals of premium-class standards. Our concierges will recommend agencies with professional and well-recommended specialists.  You will find the skillful hands which will take care of your apartment or favorite garden with our help. 

If you want to see your home ideally tidy every day and to taste delicious meals of world cuisines, ask our concierges to find individual cookers, governesses, gardeners, drivers and personal assistants for you. They will not only do the daily work but will also find the best solutions to your non-standard inquiries.

If you need a good governess or a baby-sitter, then our concierges are willing to solve even this task. Being in close contacts and collaborating only with the best companies of domestic sphere, we surely know where and how to find the best home personnel for you. We also know the best security services and can recommend high professionals for your family members, apartment or private house security. Be sure of your ideal home conditions and security and enjoy your careless life in Sochi!

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