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Flora and fauna

Flora and fauna

We are happy to offer home pet care services to our club card holders. Rely on our experience and we will recommend the best vets, groomers, handlers form the base of the SOCHI CLUB partners.

If your favorite pets need a look after, we will offer number of variants for paddock and a cozy hotel where they will feel themselves as if they are at home in your absence.

If your pet needs medical help, we will recommend vets whose vocation is to treat animals.  The concierge will recommend a proven hospital, with the corresponding service, and will plan the vet`s visit home. You will not have to spend your time on the search and extra trips.

If your dog needs a care or a training, we will offer our recommendations on the profile specialists in Sochi, and will plan your pet`s visit to a grooming-saloon, consultating, a handler`s or a trainer`s visit to your home, You can also entrust the concierge-service with the care after your home plants during your trips. The plants will keep their freshness as if you have not been on a trip.

The club concierges will be happy to help you in the choice of a pet, we can recommend holders of breed animals.  In case you want to gain home plants, we will give you the information about flower -saloons and seed plots where you can order the rarest and exotic plants. It is enough to make one call and the concierge will organize the purchase and the delivery.  

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service is ready to handle all domestic cares, connected with your pets and plants, to give you a good opportunity to spend your time on far more important things!

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