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Real estate service

Real estate service

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service offers a complex real estate care service to the owners of elite residences in Sochi.

In your absence from Sochi our concierges will take the responsibility of your home cleanness and tidiness. Even if you are on a long trip, be sure of your home wholeness and cleanness as your property will be under a reliable control.

Your apartments or cottages will be aired regularly, and if your absence is over 21 days, we will organize a wet cleaning and a testing of all the technical systems.

If you are our club card holder and your apartments or house need minor repairs, tell it to the club concierges, and they will organize the arrival of a home master to do all the necessary work. We will arrange the fulfillment of all the necessary work before your arrival. Beside the regular cleaning, you can also order all kind of cleaning, including the general cleaning, chemical cleaning of the upholstered furniture and window-washing.

Turn to the concierges of the SOCHI CLUB for your pets` and plants` care matters during your absence and they will choose a pet hotel and will organize the regular watering of your plants.

If you have some troubles about the safety of your property in your absence, then our concierge will offer a list of recommended security agencies or will organize their regular visits and control over your home property. You can leave us the keys of your apartment or house with the corresponding inventory of the property and be sure of their being safe from other hands.  The. SOCHI CLUB will act only in your interests during your absence and can solve domestic and technique questions in case of any force major or emergency situations. Our concierges will order the cleaning of your home, the delivery of goods and all the necessary things to make your home tidy and comfortable just before your arrival.

Rely on us in the question of the complex care of  your real estate in Sochi while you are in travel or on a business trip, and we will never let you down!

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