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Sochi lifestyle

Make your life the style that suits you best, and The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will help you! There are no boundaries for us! And we will do our best to create an atmosphere of fashionable and careless luxurious resort life for you. As we offer not just a set of services, but а LifeStyle service, with individual solutions for everybody. Our concierge will answer all your questions, do competent recommendations and will care about the handling of your inquiry, paying attention to all the nuances Do not spend your time on house matters, trust them us! Becoming your reliable aid, our service will eagerly take the responsibility of solving even non-standard problems in any situation! We try to work with you personally, competently, showing much attention and care. The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service is your trustworthy assistant who will remind you about all the significant, will tell you about the most thrilling events in Sochi and will offer all the best accommodations for life and rest in Sochi!

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Real Estate in sochi

The SOCHI CLUB offers complex solutions in the sphere of real estate: management, service and tenancy of apartments and villas. Our concierge-service handles the whole complex service of real estate management and offers services for those real estate owners who want to give their property for rent. You will not have to attract tenants, to negotiate, to organize their move, to manage the documentation and to care about your house safety. We will do all these instead of you! The SOCHI CLUB possesses a wide base of elite apartments in management and is ready to offer a villa on the shore, a house in the mountains, a private residency or an apartment in an elite residential complex for rest or a long tenancy. We will also provide you with a full complex of services, connected with your house matters, including everyday cleaning, master call, up to the repairs and search for a design studio. The SOCHI CLUB members can be sure of their apartment or house cleanness, in case they are planning a long absence. We will also take care of your plants and pets or will offer you the services of our professionals for your dearest pets. If you are planning to buy a real estate in Sochi, our concierges will recommend trustworthy and conscientious partners.

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Travel in/to sochi

Present yourself a wonderful rest in the new all-season resort. We will open Sochi to you from a new side and will supply you with our accompanying aid in all the directions of services for tourists.  We collaborate with the leading companies in Sochi in the sphere of hospitality on special conditions and will do the most attractive and affordable offers to you. Leaning on our experts` skills and the great base of information, not so easy to gain in free access, we will provide you with opportunities and high-level services. We are ready to surprise you with the exclusive programs for rest and tourism, to work out new routes and to plan inspiring trips for any taste. Be ready for gastronomic adventures, extreme tourism, luxurious relaxing spa, bathing complexes for force recovery, various opportunities for your pass-time with family and with children, we will help you during your business trips. Choose an active rest or serenity and comfort, then we will choose the best solution for you so as you are not disturbed by trifles!

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Events in sochi

Entrust us with the organization of the events of any level: from family ceremonies, up to international business forums. Leaning on our experience and wide competence, we can guarantee an event on the highest level. We have wide connections in the event-industry, we accumulate the best variants of the sphere and are ready to offer both quality, and optimal conditions. We are able to plan a business conference in the best area of our town or to prepare an exclusive format for a private event, to rent or to close the VIP objects of the resort, to organize the transport service for high-level guests. We will handle the organizational tasks of an enchanting party, a nice wedding ceremony or a corporative rest with exclusive programs.

Corporative services

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service represents quite a new-level approach to supply our honorable partners` clients with corporative services of European level. Our careful and responsible concierges will provide the clients of other concierge-services, premium-level touristic companies, banks and hotels in Sochi with comprehensive support. All corporative clients can enjoy their rest and concentrate only on their business tasks if they are on business trip in Sochi. We are willing to supply you with the complete accompanying in all directions of the services. The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service is the official concierge service of the elite residential complexes of the resort. The owners, the guests and the renters get daily consultation and necessary support at our concierge desk.

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