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Service for banks

Service for banks

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service offers its service for corporative partners and guarantees reliable services for VIP clients of the banks and hotels in Sochi.

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will handle  domestic troubles and personal inquiries of high-level clients, guaranteeing their operative and effective solution. We are experienced in dealing with high-level clients and are ready to provide them with the lifestyle and rest, they are used to. proven partners in Sochi and abroad. Our experience in working with demanding and chic clients lets us comprehend the requirements and correspond to the high expectations. Due to wide range of  business contacts, world experience and own competences, we are capable to solve a wide range of  tasks of various level, so difficult to handle for other concierge services.

The SOCHI CLUB will organize the work of separate consultant, who will fulfil the requirements and the tasks. Special offers, discounts and privileges from our partners are available for the clients. We will supply you with premium-level services if you are used to getting only the best.

The word “No” is not for us. Do you desire to have a splendid  journey? Then we are willing to vehicles in Sochi.

Your clients will be surprised by the level and the speed of  our work in handling all their requirements!

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