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Corporative services

The SOCHI CLUB service for corporative clients works for everybody all over the world, for corporative VIP clients of premium touristic companies, banks and fashionable hotels which are the partners of our company. Besides, The SOCHI CLUB is the official concierge –service of several elite residential complexes in Sochi, such as RC «Actor Galaxy» and RC «Royal Park».

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge-Service is the titled partner of the Russian Department of the International Organization «Golden Keys», that connects concierges all over the world. Possessing this unique status,we are ready to realize the full accompanying in service and rest in Sochi for the clients of any concierge-service on the planet in the best European traditions. The SOCHI CLUB concierges will suggest supporting in any matter. The guests of the resort town can always feel comfortable and safe with us, enjoying privileged services. We are ready to handle any requirement, we know no borders and limits, that is why The SOCHI CLUB concierges` competence is so demanded among our partners— we are full of ideas for corporative VIP guests of high-level events, bank clients. The SOCHI CLUB is ready to organize concierge-service for Sochi hotels, including the presence of concierges for meeting VIP guests requirements. We are able to solve problems that need not only competence but also deep and thorough information about the service market of the resort, wide professional knowledge, work experience on the international level. We are well-recommended among our partners and are continuosly enlarging the circle of our business collaboration.

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service develops the European service culture in Sochi, and collaborates officially with the elite residential complexes in Sochi supplying the residents with concierge-support in all directions. With the presence of a concierge-service with wide possibilities for the real estate owners, the status of the residential complex is higher. Within the frameworks of the service the residents can get specialist`s consultation at the concierge desk. The specialist will answer all the questions, will suggest solutions in diferent spheres, including household matters up to rest in Sochi. We will help to buy tickets to any event without extra payment, will organize excursions, will offer home personnel or order a transfer, will tell about the wide spectrum of the offers and service in Sochi.