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Family events

Family events

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will become your irreplaceable consultant in organizing holidays and family events.

The SOCHI CLUB collaborates with the partners, best in their sphere, and collects the most precious business contacts. We know how to organize a great event and holiday-parties in Sochi, it does not matter, whether it is a chamber dinner in honor of your parents` matrimonial anniversary or baptizing, with a great number of guests.

The SOCHI CLUB concierges will tell you where to have an unusual Birthday Party or a grandiose jubilee. We will organize the reservation in the best objects of the town, where you can celebrate Your Birthday in Sochi. The club concierges will tell about exclusive rest-types that will give you unforgettable impressions.

The SOCHI CLUB staff will provide you with the fullest information about gloss catering, cars of representative class, lux-level décor. Our concierges will recommend very tactical and attractive emcees for holding any holiday-party and writing the thematic plot of the evening-party, professional photographers and videographers, and artists for a rousing show-program. The SOCHI CLUB will make the organizational process of your holidays very light and comfortable.  By the way, there is no need to wait for a particular date, as sometimes the ideas of events arise spontaneously: choose any reason for a good event, be it the beginning of summer holidays or the day you first met your beloved, the rest is our task!

Turning to SOCHI CLUB for help, you will get expert consultation and solutions for all the problems, connected with the organizational process of your holiday-parties and family events.

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