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The SOCHI CLUB company organizes exclusive games of staff-creating and teambuilding in Sochi for your staff and colleagues.

The idea of team-building appeared in England in the 30-ies of the 20-th century. Due to the unbelievably low cost and wonderful effect of staff cohesion, the team-building has since become very popular. Playing particular roles, people learn to work together in real life, they start to feel and to understand each other much better. This helps to unite the team and to create a strong staff, which can open new horizons of opportunities. Besides, the team-building is an exciting and unforgettable rest that leaves great range of blasting emotions and impressions. Moreover, Sochi offers great number of non-standard and various opportunities for the realization of the teambuilding.

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will handle the solution of all the tasks connected with the organization of the teambuilding: the idea and the scenario, the catering, logistics, photo and videography, décor, corporative presents. We will offer or work out individual unique variants of premium-level teambuilding: Formula 1, mountain-climbing or team matches of hockey, football or curling.

Within the frameworks of the MICE services we will organize quests in Sochi. Quests suit properly to corporative rest because in their essence they solve teambuilding tasks. When colleagues do hard on quest riddles, they give rise to the team-soul, about which the HR-specialists and leaders dream so much.

Being the reliable MICE service distributors of our town, The SOCHI CLUB concierges are always very happy to offer you exclusive quests and teambuilding in Sochi!

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