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Private party

Private party

An exclusive private party is an excellent way to have a good rest with the closest friends, far away from other eyes. Sochi is an ideal place for such parties, as it is the town of night-life.

Do you want to organize your own private party? The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will help you to organize an ideal event! The concierges know the best partners of every sphere because The SOCHI CLUB learnt the service market in Sochi in every detail. We understand the concept of the private VIP-event very well and are ready to supply you with the necessary information so as you could have a marvelous event. The club concierges will reserve a gorgeous pent-house or a lux-room of representative class in one of the best hotels in Sochi. We will also reserve and close restaurants, bars or clubs to serve only your guests.

Choose whatever you want! A birthday party for your friend, a thematic beach party, a partying around the swimming-pool, or maybe a party in the best club traditions of Europe? The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service will recommend the best area, professional concert illumination and sound, DJ-s who will thrill the dance floor and attractive emcees, as well.

You will enjoy a thrilling and rousing show, a wide-large bar and an exciting atmosphere on your private party. We will tell about the best candidates for face-control and security. Will recommend singers, barmen, report photographers, voice operators, light designers and technical personnel, as well, or will suggest to handle the whole organization of the party. The concierges will supply you with the fullest information about catering and transfer, in case your event needs an advertisement, we are ready to show effective advertisement.

Choose our concierge-service and get the information about the offers and the highest-level service with the best price.

You will see how easy and how nice it is to organize a private party together with The SOCHI CLUB!

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