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Travel in/to sochi

The Sochi Club Concierge Service offers his members the widest range of opportunities for a good rest and tourism, knowing practically everything about the rest-time traditions of Sochi,

Do you prefer a calm seaside holiday? Or, maybe you like spending your holiday with your family? Are you seeking for fresh emotions in extreme tourism? Perhaps you just need a good recovery or healing! Then we are happy to open our doors for you!

Choose your way of pass-time from the wide range of programs we offer or create your own exclusive rest program with the help of our concierge.

Today Sochi is a wonderful resort aria in all seasons of the year where you can enjoy a wonderful seaside rest, ski in the mountains, attend excursions, admire our unique nature or discover an event tourism for yourself, attending world-famous sport and cultural events. We are ready to organize a good rest time the way you prefer and provide you with services of European standards. Being wrapped in the atmosphere of high comfort and good care, you will never have to deal with any organizational tasks or to search for appropriate suggestions. The club concierge will be very careful about your inquiries and will handle the mission of organizing your nice pass-time and the rest, making the best recommendations. We will offer the best hotel room in the high season or several rooms on the same floor with wonderful sites.

If you want to spend your holiday with your lovely pets we are happy to welcome them as well! We are willing to find the best solutions even for them and to handle any other challenges you offer!

Open Sochi from quite a new side, as we know and love this resort that keeps pace with fashionable Code d`Azur, competing in the service and the beauty.

Meet the miracle of the incredible wild excitements, the flora and fauna varieties, the mild subtropical climate and our cheerful sun in association with the modern infra-structure, luxurious hotels and villas, Olympic tracks and events, that are being discussed all over the world and trust your good pass-time to The Sochi Club, to enjoy all the opportunities of a true European resort!