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Sochi lifestyle

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service offers not merely a set of services - we create a special life style for our club members!  Our task is to make you get the best and enjoy your life the way you are used to, not putting any limits.  Our club concierges know quite everything about Sochi and will recommend you the list of premium services, we investigated and chose so carefully out of a great variety offered. In case you deal with Sochi Club you can enjoy your life style and get discount and special offers in your favorite restaurants, boutiques and saloons. The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service privileges program involves possibly various directions: restaurants, beauty, health, shopping, presents, cars, yachts, hotels, gastronomy, services for children, design and real estate.

With The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service you will feel yourself a VIP guest wherever you go. You will get an access to closed events, you will be offered the best seats. You will not miss any interesting event. Even just before the very start we will find VIP seats in a breathtaking match or in the box of the theatre.  Our club members are always informed about significant events and opportunities for the entertainment and the rest-time in Sochi.

The careful concierges of our club will become reliable assistants for you and your family and will remind you about an important event, will recommend the best choice of a present for your dearest people, will find the best doctor or will care about the home delivery of eco-products. Our service is a complete care, attention to details and a concentration on your preferences, tastes and interests. There are no trifles for us, as we believe that every detail that helps us to make your life more comfortable has a significant importance. We not only take into consideration your wishes, but also keep them in our mind and instruct our partners in minute details to support you with the service that goes with your expectations. You will not have to think about whom to turn to for a help as our club concierges will eagerly handle all the daily challenges. Trust all your tasks and questions to our competent concierges who are fully informed about the whole service market in Sochi. We investigated the town offers in all the spheres and, basing on our experience and reliable partners, can surely offer you the best choice.