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about company

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service offers individual services those who appreciate their time and are used to enjoy all the best that life can give. If you are the one then we are happy to become your personal assistant, consultant and the navigator who will point to the best offers and services in Sochi for you! The SOCHI CLUB card will open more opportunities and discounts to you.

In this regard it is worth to mention that the SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service is the only titular partner of the Russian Section of The International Concierge Organization «Golden Keys» (Les Clefs d’Or) in Sochi.

The Origin of The Concept of Concierge-Service and The History of The Organization «Golden Keys».

The profession of a concierge arose in Europe, and it was first mentioned in the XII century notes. The term "concierge" comes from the French expression «Comte Des Cierges», which means "the candle holder", in other words, a servant in an aristocratic house or in a castle whose duties included the provision of light and heat in the house. Later the duties included more other services that the hosts and their guests needed. The profession was developing very actively and it was France where eleven concierges of the leading hotels in Paris founded the organization «Golden Keys» in 1929. And nowadays it has got its wide development all over the world. It is a great honor for every concierge-service to become their member and it speaks about the high level of work it does. The Community was founded to consolidate the efforts in the concierge-service sphere, to realize an experience exchange and to help to deal with the client needs which are of an utmost importance for every professional concierge.

The Secret of Our Uniqueness in Sochi

Our main goal is to put the concierge service in Sochi on a brand new level. And we not only supply you with services but also try to keep the lifestyle you got used to in the best European capitals. We create an atmosphere of comfort and being able to foresee your inquiries, are very careful to satisfy all your needs. The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service is ready to correspond to the expectations even of the most demanding clients who got used to high-level services.


We make people of high demands come together as they chose Sochi for life, work and rest and have more in common in their interests and luxurious life-style. The club card holders will be offered elite level services, privileges from premium segment companies in Sochi, an access to VIP events of the resort and to the closed meetings of the club. We provide our clients with special services, using the exclusive conditions that our partners worked out for us!

We Know How to Provide European Level Services

The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service standards are worked out with the help of our staff`s rich life experience, and due to their work and travels in the best cities and towns of Europe and the rest of the world on holidays. We keep on developing the culture of European service on The Black Sea Riviera, which competes with Cote D`Azur with its wonderful nature and the mildness of the sea climate. We investigated very carefully all the opportunities in Sochi and are happy to become your reliable friend so that you can get all best that you need!

Our Competence And The International Experience of The Staff, As a Guarantee of Qualified Services

One of the main principles of success and the high-level competitiveness of The SOCHI CLUB Concierge Service is the carefully chosen staff. The chief manager of our concierge-service is a good specialist with a rich work experience in the leading hotels and concierge-services of Moscow and London. The concierges of our company got their experience both in Russia and in Europe and are experts of various spheres. All the members of our staff worked in the biggest companies in Russia and abroad. In the basis of our work lie the world standards, we constantly follow the innovations and technologies. Being the information aggregators of the services in Sochi and leaning on our own competence and the modern tools (CRM, Digital-technologies) we always seek for the highest-level services you deserve!