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Thank you for your excellent work! I am a member of the club and booked VIP zone tickets for the match Russia-Belgium as there were no tickets remained on sale. My concierge found the tickets very quickly and for quite an affordable price. So, in the evening I already had the tickets in my hands! I liked the match very much! Thank you for your careful approach and for a wonderful and unforgettable evening! It was a fantastic match and we are happy that didn`t miss it!
Maria Semushkina. The President of the festival "Jazz Manor"
I am very grateful to the Sochi Club staff for their thorough help and the work they did to organize the preparations and the holding of the festival "Jazz Manor " in Rosa Khutor. I am willing to point to the professionalism and the high responsibility of the staff who did a great job according to the world`s highest standards. And we really hope for a fruitful collaboration in future!
Rakov A.E.
I am thankful to the whole staff of the SOCHI CLUB for their contribution and aid in the organization and the holding of the World II Crop Forum. The staff especially did huge work to supply the forum with the necessary means of transport. I want to stress the professionalism and the high-level service of the SOCHI CLUB staff.
Our guests ideal pass-time was your merit! And they appreciated your hard work and love to what you do. Due to their comments, you are rewarded by Guest Review Award 2016!
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