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Club card

GOLDEN CARD – A Club That Opens Doors
GOLDEN CARD  – A Club That Opens Doors  

One Year Premium Service.

This card is for those who seek for getting more than just a good and a premium level service. Obtaining this card, you will enjoy an exclusive individual service and will get a special status among the members of our closed SOCHI CLUB. The service is supplied to the card holder and one of his family members. Besides, it also spreads over the real estate of the holder.

A Golden Card holder gets the maximal package of services as well as an exceptional and personal service in the directions of Lifestyle, Real Estate and Rest-Time in Sochi.  

- Personal concierge: includes consultations with your personal concierge, recommendations and realization of the requests in all the directions we work for 7 days a week and for 365 days a year;

- a wide program of maximal privileges and discounts in the partner network of The SOCHI CLUB;

- a VIP status in the club and an invitation to take part and to enjoy a good pastime among other members of the club, so close to you by their lifestyle and interests;

- Newsletter: regular information about the town events, special offers and discounts.

100 000
SILVER CARD -A Club That Opens Doors
SILVER CARD -A Club That Opens Doors  
75 000
BRONZE CARD Your Key to Sochi
BRONZE CARD   Your Key to Sochi  
45 000
20 000
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